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And Zumba Shoes...!

The world has been taken over by Zumba!  This isn't hard to understand, because Zumba is so great for all types of people and all ages too!  It was developed by Alberto Perez in 2001 and is the world's largest fitness program to date.

Zumba combines great Latin salsa music with awesome dance steps which creates a atmosphere of fun!  People dancing and having fun is what makes Zumba great and causes people to lose so much weight.

One reason Zumba is so popular is that it can be done anywhere and doesn't rely on expensive equipment.  If you have music, you can do Zumba.  Although we recommend salsa music of course.  You should have a good pair of Zumba shoes though, because regular shoes can really hurt your feet.  Zumba is a pretty good workout so you need comfortable shoes, and ones that are actually designed with Zumba in mind. 

These types of shoes can be lightweight, comfortable and have very good cushioning.  Zumba carries you all over the dance floor and is fast and intense.  You need shoes to accommodate this.  Support for all the twisting and turning, sliding, jumping, is all very important.  Some shock absorption is very good too because this will relieve strain on your joints, also your muscles.

If you are in pain after a Zumba workout, chances are that it is because you are wearing the wrong kind of shoes.  You won't feel like working out very much if after every workout you are in pain.  To stay in shape, get in shape, lose those pounds even, you need to feel great after workouts so you have the motivation to keep at it.

It is hard to find good Zumba shoes in person at a store, because firstly, they don't really exist. Shoe stores don't sell these.  Also, the minimum wage employees at these stores have absolutely no idea. They are just there to run the cash register.  To get real Zumba shoes you need to order online. It is very easy and there are great instructions on how to get a pair suited for you.  A website with good information on zumba shoes is at that link.  Check it out.

We all love Zumba and keep on dancing it!  May it never die, and may your feet stay comfortable and pain free!

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